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Rocking all over the floor….

. . . . the database writing and cataloguing has begun . . . . The dog is upset (I am currently using her bed space as a shelf) . . .  . and I am going to have to do one hell of a lot of rock dust hoovering tomorrow morning. . . .  but it feels good!

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So, the day has come!  I have described and analysed the frst 10 rocks of my home kit – albeit with some discussion of different rock samples on the course forum and with Jules!

😀  gotta dash, more later, as I HAVE been VERY productive today – going cross-eyed from overuse of handlens, in fact!  :)

MSc in Earth Sciences

So, over 2/3 of the way through the Diploma, and over half way through the BSc, and still 3 years of study to go…. and yet I am looking into doing the OUs MSc in Earth Science….. I am already doing S369, which will count towards the qualification….. so it would just be 3 more years/modules (and a few grand of cash…), 3 more modules:

Postgraduate compulsory modules Credits
Developing research skills in science (S825)
This course helps you develop your knowledge and understanding of the research skills and techniques relevant to scientific study at postgraduate level.See full description.
Earth science: a systems approach (S808)
Introduces a systems approach to Earth Science and explores several important Earth system interactions using a variety of methods and models.See full description.
MSc project module (S810)
Plan and carry out an investigation of your own choice with this masters-level project course in science, and develop essential skills like report writing.See full description.

and then I was thinking of becoming the second Dr in the family :)  I sincerely hope that this is not unrealistic! 😉


Preparing for the S369 preparation….

….hmmm, ok!  well, I have start somewhere, and since it turns out that my s260 notes are disorganised, i am going to get everythingthing filed away carefully, and the lever arch files for S369 labelled and organised before I even begin preparing for the course….  contrary to the appearance of this, it is NOT a cop out, but in fact a sensible organisational feat, which will facilitate the efficient study of this course in the future… ahem….

Only the beginning….

…. but the procrastination has already begun :s

So, the plan is as follows:

Saturday I work through the prep stuff, and Sunday, if required…. then start the reading….



S369 The Geological Record of Environmental Change….

So, the course materials arrived this week, and I have already put protective covers on my books.

As usual, there are the course books, study guides and obligatory rocks through the post.  This time, however, we have to print off our own book marks and numerous other documents.  There are several DVDs and also the “usual” list of erratum to be corrected in the course text books.


  • The components of sedimentary rocks
  • Activity P1 Examining hand specimens
  • The Digital Rock Atlas multimedia program
  • Sedimentary processes and the structures they form
  • Activity P2 Features of sedimentary structures
  • The Sedimentary Environments Panorama multimedia program: introduction and navigation
  • Facies, Walther’s Law and graphic logs
  • Activity P3 Constructing a graphic log from field notes
  • Sedimentary environments
  • Activity P4 Sedimentary environments
  • Activity P5 Observations and interpretations on the Home Kit rocks

This is basically to recap on the S260 sedimentary stuff I did in 2009……  hopefully I have not forgotten as much as I think I did!

So, the plan is that I take the work book with me tomorrow to the hospital to keep my mind occupied….  well, should work, right!?!?

Watch this space for my progress…..  Sedimentary ROCKS!  :)