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Turns out that I must temper my ability to communicate wordy responses

…. no real news there then, although I am proud to say I achieved a massive 95% on my TMA01 for S339 – lots of things to work on, mostly to do with being consise…. (no surprise there then Jules, eh?)

However, I must take this opportunity to apologise for lack of blog posts – things are really manic at the moment;  I am getting closer to a diagnosis (I have a tentative one!) for my blackouts, and am just waiting for the treatment to start – the amazing thing is that I could be well again within a couple of months!!!!  Also, work is heating up, and I am plouging through the biggest todo list known to mankind right now – watch this space, I might become a millionaire yet!

Either way, I need to keep this short, as I need to work on TMA02 (will this ever end?!) and catch up with reading which I am behind on…..