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S339 relevant links added to

I have just added numerous links, included specific links on Folds and Faults, to the S339 relevant links.

WOW – high readership of my blog and website!

So, if there is anything which you find particularly useful / would like to see more of, please give me a shout!

Daisy xxx

Big week – new company, new colleagues and new articles…. AND NEW HOPE!

I am really please to say I have been quiet for a damned good reason!

I have an exciting week behind me:

1)  New company launched: – Twitter: @MantleConsult, Facebook:  I am delighted to be working alongside Dr Kirti Sharma for this venture.

2)  Kirti and I, along with Dr Fryer (geophysicist with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC)) co-authored and article”

“What to do should a natural disaster strike while on holiday”

So LOADS to look forward to and explore!


Nick Chidlaw – Earth Science Field Skills Training Courses

Just published a Website for Nick and his courses, after having completed the Mapping course in the Forest of Dean a few weeks ago…. brilliant course!  Next year: Scotland (and of course last year I did the Graphic logging….).

Check it out here!