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Geological Mapping Course: Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire: 2013 dates confirmed!!!

An introductory 3-day course which assumes a basic knowledge of geology, but little experience of geological mapping.

Two days are spent mapping in the field, with the third day indoors drawing up a fair copy map under guidance. Training and plenty of practice in the use of the compass/clinometer.

This course will next take place on 22nd to the 24th March 2013.

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Geological Mapping Course, Strathearn, Highland Border, Scotland – 2013 DATES CONFIRMED!!!

Nick Chidlaw has confirmed that the 2013 Geological Mapping Course in Strathearn (Highland Border, Scotland) will take place 28th April – 6th May 2013.

It is a more advanced course which assumes knowledge of the basic principles of geological mapping, such as gained on the Forest of Dean course, or equivalent elsewhere. This mapping area is used for its extraordinary geological diversity, affording course attendees experience of many contrasting mapping settings to deal with.

In order to make the most of this location, the course comprises 6 days in the field (1 unscheduled day after the 3rd, for a break), with 2 days following indoors where a fair copy map and cross sections are produced. Because of the diversity of the geology on this course, it is believed attendees are in a position to tackle with confidence many different mapping scenarios subsequently (e.g. where needed when studying on a higher degree).

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