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Daisy’s Geology website & blog currently under construction

Well, I’m (finally) back online, and you will already notice a difference – firstly my blog and website are in the same place, woohoo!

In the coming weeks, I will be updating the pages one by one, and I beg your forgiveness if they look a little strange during this process!

During the period of host change, I felt very lost, so will now be playing catch-up in terms of writing up my recent exploits, including attending Volcanism, Impacts and Mass Extinctions: Causes and Effects An International Conference held at the Natural History Museum 27-29 March 2013!

Bear with me!

Daisy x


What Really Happens in a Flood Basalt Eruption

Holly Ferrie, Geosciences student with the Open University (in addition to being one of my greatest friends) recently wote a guest blog for the Geological Society of London: What Really Happens in a Flood Basalt Eruption.


If you enjoy it, look her up on twitter (@cambriangirl1) and read her blog where she has recently reviewed Walking with Dinosaurs!.