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Tenerife 2013 with the Oxford Geology Group

The information has finally arrived regarding the Tenerife Trip with the Oxford Geology Group!

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Interactive Geology of UK: finding out more about the Geology of Northwich

As some of you might be away, I have recently been looking into the Geology of Northwich, Cheshire, where I live.

Unfortunately Northwich lies on the corner of 4 BGS maps, and matching them up has proved to be unfruitful – so I have started looking around for other resources and came across the following:

Interactive Geology of UK, including boreholes are available through the BGS here:

It is really easy to use and surface features (e.g. faults) can be overlain on the maps, as well as boreholes and wells with associated data to view online where available!

It is a great resource which will be of immense use for some of the private projects I am starting in the near future.



Inquiring Rock Hunters


Do you like rocks and minerals? Would you like to ask questions about rocks and discover more about them?

Maria Aristeidou’s PhD project is to help people engage in scientific investigation, by giving them opportunities to collaborate with scientists and run their own research.

“For this study, I am exploring the involvement of amateur geologists in investigating rocks.”

Please register with the online nQuire platform, which will guide you to design and run investigations of rocks. You will have the opportunity to form your own questions and methods, to reach appropriate conclusions. During your effort you will be supported by tools available on nQuire and also through communication with other participants.

The study will run between 13th – 27thMay and you can visit the platform and spend there as much time as you want. Afterwards, you will have to complete two short questionnaires (5-10 mins each) within one week. In addition, if you agree, you can register to participate in a half an hour online discussion. The nQuire platform will remain active for you to carry on your inquiries.

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