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NSGG Postgraduate Research Symposium 2017

I attended (and presented at) my first NSGG event yesterday!NSGG

The Postgraduate Research Symposium 2017 was focussed on the application of geophysical methodologies in geohazards assessment to mark the Geological Society’s “Year of Risk”, and showcased a wide variety of applications – it was incredibly interesting!

  • Ground-penetrating radar survey in Ireland –overkill or a viable asset for archaeological survey?
    A Green
  • Kurtosis statistics as an indicator of the precision of migration velocity analysis.
    A. Harding and A. Booth
  • Predicting optimal forensic remote sensing and near – surface detection methods.
    M.I. Quick
  • Monitoring subsidence related to relict salt mines using long-term time-lapse microgravity, Marston, Cheshire, UK.
    C.J. Rowell and J.K. Pringle
  • Geophysical indicators of slope stability at the Hollin Hill LandslideObservatory: initial findings from repeated geophysical surveys.
    J Whiteley
  • A hydrogeological assessment of a small peat bog in South Wales,using an integrated approach.
    E. Hudson
  • Improved characterisation and modelling of measurement errors inelectrical resistivity tomography (ERT) surveys.
    C.M. Tso, A. Binley and O. Kuras
  • Integrated geophysical methods in meteorite impact investigation:case studies of Mahsuri Ring, Langkawi and Bukit Bunuh, Perak, Malaysia.
    H. Saleh, A.R. Samsudin, U. Umar Hamzah, M.A.A. Jelani, M.H. Arifin and N. Sulaiman
  • Subglacial Aquifer Characterisation using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves and Time -Domain Electromagnetic Techniques.
    S. Prise, A. Booth, P. Livermore and J. West.
  • Understanding how valley -glacier overdeepenings affect seasonaland glacial dynamics.
    W. Higson
  • Quantum Technology gravity sensors –first steps to aerial sensing.
    D. Roberts, L. Earl, M. Wright, M. Uddin, N. Metje and M. Holynski
  • Assessing surface and subsurface hydrological contamination at an abandoned metal mine in Mid-Wales, UK.
    E. Hudson
  • Geophysical ground survey investigation for the possible HS2 route through Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK.
    J. Francis and Z. Lloyd.
  • A preliminary Ground Penetrating Radar study of fluvial architectures at Spireslack, Ayreshire, Scotland.
    J.T. Ainsworth, A.J. Mitten and J.K. Pringle

I have added the abstracts to the presentations / posters presented at this NSGG event below, but for those interested, these can also be downloaded here (Original images not included in the below).

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