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HERDMAN SYMPOSIUM: Geoscience Frontiers 2015 (21/2/15)

Today was another fantastic Herdman Symposium – one of the best yet, I feel!  Every single presentation was amazing, and, once again, I took something from each and every one!

Below are the abstracts and speaker information (as provided in the Herdman Syposium program): I will be writing about each one individually over the next few weeks – FAR too much information to pack into one post!  Apologies for the photo quality; my Canon 600D is firmly rooted on my microscope at the moment, so I resorted to using my mobile phone :s Hence some photos have been acquired elsewhere…

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Herdman Symposium coming soon!

It is that time of the year again – ROCK ON!

The Herdman Symposium: Geoscience Frontiers 2015 will take place on Saturday 21st February!

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My Microscope

I have been meaning to post this for some time, but this time last year, my family clubbed together to purchase this amazing microscope for me!


It is a polarising microscope with transmitted illumination, binocular viewing head, phototube and strain free infinity corrected flat field objectives.

This, and the 2013 Christmas gift of a Canon EOS600D from my brother (John) and his wife, have put me in a great position to enjoy geoscience in greater detail!

Getting to grips with the set up, settings and ins and outs of this new equipment (especially the new camera!) has taken some time, but I hope to document it all soon!

Given sufficient free time, I will be posting Thin Section videos / photos more frequently in my blog!

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BSc in GeoScience :) Daisy is a happy bunny!

I am proud to announce that I now have a BSc in GeoScience!

91% (Distinction!) on my Project Course!


Methane clathrate gun fired….

… ammo fil(l)ed and gonna get trigger happy now *excitement*


Herdman Symposium 2014 – Geoscience Frontiers 5 – Saturday 22nd February 2014

Herdman Symposium

I had yet another fantastic day at the Herdman Symposium 2014 yesterday, and left with my head buzzing and longing for more!

A quick overview is below, with some links and recommended reading, is below, and I will delve further into one or two of the subjects at a later date…


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Examining the ‘Throat of Fire’

AWESOME article from Dave Litchfield: Examining the ‘Throat of Fire’ on the OU Platform!  Read more of his volcanic adventures on his blog!

Check it out!

Watch “Tenerife Field Expedition 2103” I attended on YouTube

My own write up on the Oxford Geology Group to follow!

Tenerife 2013 with the Oxford Geology Group

The information has finally arrived regarding the Tenerife Trip with the Oxford Geology Group!

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Inquiring Rock Hunters


Do you like rocks and minerals? Would you like to ask questions about rocks and discover more about them?

Maria Aristeidou’s PhD project is to help people engage in scientific investigation, by giving them opportunities to collaborate with scientists and run their own research.

“For this study, I am exploring the involvement of amateur geologists in investigating rocks.”

Please register with the online nQuire platform, which will guide you to design and run investigations of rocks. You will have the opportunity to form your own questions and methods, to reach appropriate conclusions. During your effort you will be supported by tools available on nQuire and also through communication with other participants.

The study will run between 13th – 27thMay and you can visit the platform and spend there as much time as you want. Afterwards, you will have to complete two short questionnaires (5-10 mins each) within one week. In addition, if you agree, you can register to participate in a half an hour online discussion. The nQuire platform will remain active for you to carry on your inquiries.

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