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I’m going to be listed on the a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover heading to Mars in 2011!

Last chance to Send Your Name to Mars!


Now for my visit to the tropical seas of Derbyshire…. then Jodrell Bank!

My recent field trip with the OUGS to the National Stone Centre in Derbyshire, is depicted in the following short article here, and will be followed by some nice pics on my website as soon as I have stopped working all hours and have the time to upload…..

In the meantime,  I went to the Press Launch of the Jodrell Bank Visitors Centre yesterday: A Day at Jodrell Bank – read about it here

The new website for the new visitors centre can be found at

Soon I will have photos up on my main website with the pics 🙂

THE END of S369 TMA01….

TMA01 (S369 The geological record of environmental change)was completed and sent off this week, marking the end of part one and two of the Sedimentary Record of Sea-level Change (OU S369 coursebook – a good read!  I recommend it!)

Next stop:  The Books Cliffs!

At the weekend, I will also update the website with details and pics from the OUGS field trip on the 19th of March to the National Stone Centre, Derbyshire.

Other news:  I got the results back from my “quick fix” of short courses I completed at the end of last year:

I passed, of course, but have noted areas for improvement…. (the expected ones due to lack of time after being ill over Xmas…. at least that is what I am telling myself!)

I saw the super moon, but failed to get photos before it clouded over – damn me for waiting for a “better view”!  lol

Thats all for now, folks!  More this weekend!

S279 done and dusted…

After what seemed like years, I finally got the results from S279 today: Grade 2 pass (which all things considered i am more than happy with!)

50% of the Planets short course has been submitted, and I aim to have the CMA part of it submitted before lunchtime tomorrow.

Then whether the weather or not, I will finish the Weather short course before Xmas!  I have to admit that I am really enjoying the Weather module – it has been great fun, really interesting, and I think it will be an ongoing hobby now!  🙂


Daisy xxx