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Foraminifera under the microscope – A learning experience

Tweet  Today has been a day for joyful microscope experimentation! I recently received a Thin Section (TS) / Slide of Holocene Foraminifera from the Philippines (3357 feet).  Not my area of expertise at all, but very pretty.  And after years of seeing studies where foraminifera were used as proxies for climate change in geological history, and spending so much time incorporating these into my project course and personal research, it seemed a great idea to actually look at some under… Continue reading »

The start of Oceanography….

Well, I have started going through the course materials for oceanography, and (despite having started reading the first book some months ago) am now starting again – my brain appears to be a sieve!  Should be quicker this time though, lol!

AND it is more Geology that the other coursebooks!

Tomorrow I will add some more relevant links for the subject in the Links section of my website.

The first book is called “The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution” and is published by the OU – numerous authors including good old Dave Rothery!  Im reading a few other related books on the side, so it should be an interesting year – I do not think I have studied so much non- geology material since my first year S103 – we will see how it all goes!

I am determined to cram it all into my head somehow!

Have a good week, folks!