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CMA41 (SXR369) has now been submitted (for better or for worse…)

And I am really looking forward to the Graphic Logging weekend which is coming up soon…. Lots of “day job” stuff to do though first….

 Still working on the write up of the past two geology field trips – These WILL follow soon!

  Daisy x

TMA02 Back – 76%

Well, im arguing one point, but otherwise I guess im content, but not overjoyed…. ho hum…. onto TMA03 for S369 and CMA41 for SXR369

Finally some time!

Well, things are settling down here:

  • Projects are done, dusted and paid for
  • Geology assignments are complete (even if handed in late, and the next ones already looming…)
  • New projects are on the horizon
  • A new venture is in sight
  • Old books have been placed on ebay….

well, that is enough for now, isnt it?

So, I was thinking about the progress (or lack of progress) that I am making with this Blog.  It has been some time since I wrote something, because “real life” took over, and it is a shame… So, i have a plan!

Rather than stressing about all the blogs on trips that I am not managing to write, I will add one blog a week on a rock/fossil in my collection, and include pictures.

Now, I am not (as yet) a qualified Geologist.  I am a student and lover of Geology.

So, if there are mistakes/comments which are obviously incorrect, I would really value your  input!

I wish I could say that I found all rocks and fossils in my collection myself, but I did not.  So, you are not just relying on my lack of expertise, but also, potentially, those of others!

In otherwords: FEEDBACK WELCOMED!!

Recent Geology trips WILL be reported upon, but pending Trips (Castleton this weekend, Graphic loggin in Gloucester in July, and a weeks residential school) may interfer…. until then, I will make a start on the “Rock/Mineral/Fossil of the week”….


Daisy x

Now for my visit to the tropical seas of Derbyshire…. then Jodrell Bank!

My recent field trip with the OUGS to the National Stone Centre in Derbyshire, is depicted in the following short article here, and will be followed by some nice pics on my website as soon as I have stopped working all hours and have the time to upload…..

In the meantime,  I went to the Press Launch of the Jodrell Bank Visitors Centre yesterday: A Day at Jodrell Bank – read about it here

The new website for the new visitors centre can be found at

Soon I will have photos up on my main website with the pics 🙂

THE END of S369 TMA01….

TMA01 (S369 The geological record of environmental change)was completed and sent off this week, marking the end of part one and two of the Sedimentary Record of Sea-level Change (OU S369 coursebook – a good read!  I recommend it!)

Next stop:  The Books Cliffs!

At the weekend, I will also update the website with details and pics from the OUGS field trip on the 19th of March to the National Stone Centre, Derbyshire.

Other news:  I got the results back from my “quick fix” of short courses I completed at the end of last year:

I passed, of course, but have noted areas for improvement…. (the expected ones due to lack of time after being ill over Xmas…. at least that is what I am telling myself!)

I saw the super moon, but failed to get photos before it clouded over – damn me for waiting for a “better view”!  lol

Thats all for now, folks!  More this weekend!

Website links added to Daisy’s Geology Website

Spent some time yesterday evening collating a list of web-links for Geology – and more specifically S369 – related research etc.

**  **

After a failed S369 Skype session, I am now set down to do a few hours of rock hard work….

So Far, So Good….

S369 “officially” starts tomorrow…. and I am happily 2 weeks ahead!

12 February

  • Preparatory work on sedimentary rocks and successions (Study Guide to The Sedimentary Record of Sea-level Change)
  • S260 Sedimentary Environments Panorama (DVD1); Digital Rock Atlas (DVD1)

19 February

  • The Sedimentary record of Sea-level Change (and Study Guide) Part 1

The above has all been completed, with the exception of some activites which I will finish tomorrow.


I also plan to make a start on questions 1 and 2 of the TMA01….. might as well – I can always go back and alter stuff later!


Daisy x

Richard A. Fortey speaking @ the Herdman Symposium @ Liverpool University on the 19th February

The Herdman Symposium is an event that I have attended but once, and have awaited the 2011 Symposium with excitement.  This has now escalated as Richard A. Fortey will be speaking at the Symposium this year, and he is one of my favourite Geological authors!  He will be speaking on “Patterns in the History of Life”!

More details here:

I am the proud owner of numerous of his books:

  • The Hidden Landscape (1993)
  • Life: An Unauthorised Biography. A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth (1997)
  • Trilobite!: Eyewitness to Evolution (2000)
  • Fossils: The Key to the Past (2002)
  • Earth: An Intimate History (2004)
  • Dry Store Roon no. 1 (2008)


RockED on Sunday!

A friend and I spent a wonderful few hours revising S260/276 and looking at rocks and the ID process.

Apart from my naughty dog stealing and eating her chocolate brownies and ending up in hospital to have her stomach pumped, it was a great day, and Adi and I covered a lot.

It has to be said, that sometimes is better revision if two people are involved – her has little background in Geology, but her strong background in environmental/biological sciences  proved useful, and she raised very pertinent questions which jump started my brain again – a much-desired result!!  😀

I am currently working through the activities in parts 1-3 of S269, and parallel to this am finishing off the last 5 rock IDs for the prep work.

I have just been going through my external hard drive, and have routed out all the old sedimentary notes I made, and am reading through them too.  But as it turns out, I remember much more than I thought I would!  LOL

I am just enjoying the words rolling over my tongue at the moment – stratigraphy….. chronostratigraphy…. biostratigraphy…. lithostratigraphy….  should I really enjoy that THIS much?!?!?!

Rock On Sunday!

Getting ready for a weekend of intensive study:  I have invited my fellow students over for a day of Rock ID-ing and issue solving!