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What to pack for a geology field trip

Here I am, planning a busy week ahead (A market research trade fair in London, followed by a 3 day course in graphic logging in Gloucestershire) and I suddenly realised that it might be useful to add a checklist of what to pack for a geology field trip to my website.

I have done so, and this is now online here

Daisy x

CMA41 (SXR369) has now been submitted (for better or for worse…)

And I am really looking forward to the Graphic Logging weekend which is coming up soon…. Lots of “day job” stuff to do though first….

 Still working on the write up of the past two geology field trips – These WILL follow soon!

  Daisy x

TMA02 Back – 76%

Well, im arguing one point, but otherwise I guess im content, but not overjoyed…. ho hum…. onto TMA03 for S369 and CMA41 for SXR369

SXR369 – Residential school booked and confirmed!

So, this is it!  I am on the Res school w/c the 9th of July (“special” week…)