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The day before the adventure….

Well,my bags are packed,my favourite tie-dye baggy trousers repaired, and im good to go!

Tonight im going to finish the preparation of my spanish sentences which I will add to whilst im over there.  🙂

Tata for now!  If I get wifi will keep you all updated 🙂

Inquiring Rock Hunters


Do you like rocks and minerals? Would you like to ask questions about rocks and discover more about them?

Maria Aristeidou’s PhD project is to help people engage in scientific investigation, by giving them opportunities to collaborate with scientists and run their own research.

“For this study, I am exploring the involvement of amateur geologists in investigating rocks.”

Please register with the online nQuire platform, which will guide you to design and run investigations of rocks. You will have the opportunity to form your own questions and methods, to reach appropriate conclusions. During your effort you will be supported by tools available on nQuire and also through communication with other participants.

The study will run between 13th – 27thMay and you can visit the platform and spend there as much time as you want. Afterwards, you will have to complete two short questionnaires (5-10 mins each) within one week. In addition, if you agree, you can register to participate in a half an hour online discussion. The nQuire platform will remain active for you to carry on your inquiries.

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Big week – new company, new colleagues and new articles…. AND NEW HOPE!

I am really please to say I have been quiet for a damned good reason!

I have an exciting week behind me:

1)  New company launched: – Twitter: @MantleConsult, Facebook:  I am delighted to be working alongside Dr Kirti Sharma for this venture.

2)  Kirti and I, along with Dr Fryer (geophysicist with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC)) co-authored and article”

“What to do should a natural disaster strike while on holiday”

So LOADS to look forward to and explore!


Nick Chidlaw – Earth Science Field Skills Training Courses

Just published a Website for Nick and his courses, after having completed the Mapping course in the Forest of Dean a few weeks ago…. brilliant course!  Next year: Scotland (and of course last year I did the Graphic logging….).

Check it out here!

What to pack for a geology field trip

Here I am, planning a busy week ahead (A market research trade fair in London, followed by a 3 day course in graphic logging in Gloucestershire) and I suddenly realised that it might be useful to add a checklist of what to pack for a geology field trip to my website.

I have done so, and this is now online here

Daisy x