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Finally caught a break…..

Well, S339 was finished in June, SXR339 in September, and last week I completed my deferred S369 exam….. AND NOW I HAVE A BREAK until I start S330 in February 2013….. the first break before courses in years!

So, it is catch up time now…. and I have soooo many things which I want to do, so there should be some more action here over the next couple of months.

Planned projects:

Publish the Jura OUGSME trip write up (tomorrow)

Create an online database and descriptions of all my rocks, fossils and thin sections

Write generally about my thin sections / rocks / fossils in turn

in addition to a whole load of real life stuff you really do not need to hear about…..

So onwards and upwards, folks!

This new start deserves a new look – which you will now find activated in both my blog and website.

Have a good week!

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