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Finally some time!

Well, things are settling down here:

  • Projects are done, dusted and paid for
  • Geology assignments are complete (even if handed in late, and the next ones already looming…)
  • New projects are on the horizon
  • A new venture is in sight
  • Old books have been placed on ebay….

well, that is enough for now, isnt it?

So, I was thinking about the progress (or lack of progress) that I am making with this Blog.  It has been some time since I wrote something, because “real life” took over, and it is a shame… So, i have a plan!

Rather than stressing about all the blogs on trips that I am not managing to write, I will add one blog a week on a rock/fossil in my collection, and include pictures.

Now, I am not (as yet) a qualified Geologist.  I am a student and lover of Geology.

So, if there are mistakes/comments which are obviously incorrect, I would really value your  input!

I wish I could say that I found all rocks and fossils in my collection myself, but I did not.  So, you are not just relying on my lack of expertise, but also, potentially, those of others!

In otherwords: FEEDBACK WELCOMED!!

Recent Geology trips WILL be reported upon, but pending Trips (Castleton this weekend, Graphic loggin in Gloucester in July, and a weeks residential school) may interfer…. until then, I will make a start on the “Rock/Mineral/Fossil of the week”….


Daisy x

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