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Herdman Symposium 2013 – Geoscience Frontiers

Sooooo looking forward to the Valentines weekend this year!

The Herdman Symposium 2013 – Geoscience Frontiers – will be taking place on 16/2/13 in Liverpool.

There are a great list of speakers planned, and I’m especially psyched to see Dr Ed Llewellin and Prof Paul Wignall’s presentations!

List of Guest Speakers & Titles

  • Dr Roger Benson (Oxford) “Dinosaur evolution and Mesozoic faunas as a guide to biodiversity”
  • Dr Gareth Collins (Imperial) “Impact: Earth! The hazard and mitigation of asteroid impacts”
  • Prof Fergus Gibb (Sheffield) “Nuclear waste: geology has a better answer”
  • Prof Cor Langereis (Utrecht) “The past and future of the Mediterranean”
  • Dr Ed Llewellin (Durham) “Bubble, bang, burp! Big experiments in volcano physics”
  • Prof Paul Wignall (Leeds) “The end-Permian mass extinction and its aftermath: out of the frying pan and into the fire”

The full program can be found here

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