One woman's quest for geological understanding!

Post-S339 De-pression

Well, no depression so much as not sure what to do with myself…..  trying to cut down on working hours too, so find myself with 2 hours free of an evening…..  but what to do with it, I thinks….. BLOG!!!!

So, whats new, you ask?  TMA03: 97%, Exam – no idea, but since the worse I think I did the better mark I get, I suspect that it genuinely went “OK” – I was happy with the exam, therefore I must have cocked up, lol!

But I survived it and still have Red Sea facts swimming around my head – will they never end!?

External issues out of my control mean that I am now looking for a lodger urgently (Northwich area, if anyone out there happens to be interested!?) and am selling my beloved childhood piano and Electric guitar…..  🙁  BUT, I am off to explore the Geology of the Jura (France) on Friday, so all is not lost and hope is on the horizon – at least it has all been paid for!

England is currently playing Ukraine (20:01 score is 0-0).  THAT is how bored I am, lol!

Nothing else to report, so will just get on with….. no not footy – i’m going to do some Yoga – Kirti has inspired me this morning – and I can touch my toes!

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