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Procrastinated Incorporated

Well, I am neither packed nor motivated – as the dark skies are closing in, but providing no apparent relief, I sit on my sofa, watching the blue screen that WAS sky TV, and hoping it will actually start storming soon,so that we can all get some sort of relief from this uncomfortable heat and stickiness….They are waiting for a storm elsewhere, but it looks like it is going to bypass my house!


So, instead of packing, I am going to tell you about the exciting weekend which follows the week of real life!  I am off to North Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, for a course in graphic logging, which will be run by Dr Nick Chidlaw, who has so many letters after his name that I am sure that he must be counting in his head when reciting, or maybe he has a little musical ditty as an aide memoire!  (Don’t get me wrong – this is pure amazement, no sarcasm or anything else intended… I hope I have this many letters behind my name one day! I am currently BA BAEB EPTCE, and I need no song to remember that!)

So, this weekend I will be learning how to “succinctly communicate a wealth of sedimentary and stratigraphic information”. Friday and Saturday will be spent studying the stratigraphy visible at Hornsleasow Quarry, and then Sunday will be spent in the field making a “best” copy of the log I have managed to construct in the field…. to be honest I will probably end up drawing a stick by mistake, but that is exactly why I am going on this course:

This time on Monday, I will be the source of jealousy amongst my peers, as I show off my new skills at the SXR369 residential school in Durham:

  • systematically measuring thickness’s of rock units

  • correlating parts of the exposure being examined

  • determining lithologies, sedimentary structures fossil fauna/ flora and rock grain size

with confidence (yeah right, like THAT will really happen!)

Either way, any practice in this area will not go amiss – especially since our field books are handed in each day in Durham for marking :s

Will report more when I have read the background thoroughly (or at least roughly!), and am up to date with my reading for S369…..


Daisy x

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