One woman's quest for geological understanding!

RockED on Sunday!

A friend and I spent a wonderful few hours revising S260/276 and looking at rocks and the ID process.

Apart from my naughty dog stealing and eating her chocolate brownies and ending up in hospital to have her stomach pumped, it was a great day, and Adi and I covered a lot.

It has to be said, that sometimes is better revision if two people are involved – her has little background in Geology, but her strong background in environmental/biological sciences  proved useful, and she raised very pertinent questions which jump started my brain again – a much-desired result!!  😀

I am currently working through the activities in parts 1-3 of S269, and parallel to this am finishing off the last 5 rock IDs for the prep work.

I have just been going through my external hard drive, and have routed out all the old sedimentary notes I made, and am reading through them too.  But as it turns out, I remember much more than I thought I would!  LOL

I am just enjoying the words rolling over my tongue at the moment – stratigraphy….. chronostratigraphy…. biostratigraphy…. lithostratigraphy….  should I really enjoy that THIS much?!?!?!

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