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Tenerife 2013 with the Oxford Geology Group

The information has finally arrived regarding the Tenerife Trip with the Oxford Geology Group!

The agenda (seriously exciting – Thanks to the Oxford Geology Group Team for the organisation!!) is as follows:


  •  Arrive in Puerto de La Cruz 🙂


  • Teide Fumarolic activity and geology of the main volcanic edifice.
  • Geology of Roques de García,
  • Basaltic porphyritic “waterfall”
  • Azulejos formation (area chemically colored by volcanic gases).
  • Minas de San josé (Obsidian blocks and many more volcanic features of the landscape)
  • Margarita de Piedra (basaltic disjunction forming a flower shape)
  • Lunch at Aguamansa
  • A free evening in Puerto de la Cruz.


  • Mirador de Ortuño (view of mont teide and Orotava gravity slide valley).
  • La crucita (view of historical eruption of volcán de Arafo in a gravity slide valley forming a caldera).
  • La tarta (road cut).
  • Volcanes de Fasnia (historical basaltic fissure eruption and other volcanoes and features).
  • Lunch will be taken at Restarante Bambi.
  • National Park Visitor Centre .
  • Evening will be spent at Orotava village .


  • Garachico volcano (historical basaltic eruption which destroyed the most important seaport of the time).
  • Cueva del viento (visit to a volcanic tube).
  • Chinyero (soti trekking plus outdoor lunch in the youngest historical eruption of Tenerife).
  • Mirador de Garachico (amazing view from a coffee/souvenir shop build on the top of the steep lava flows which lead into the village and the sea).
  • Bodegas Monje (winery guided visit).


  • Royal Dolphin (4.5 hours in a trip including lunch to see dolphins, whalesand the most amazing cliff of Canary islands. We’ll be able to swim).
  • ITER technology park including volcano monitoring laboratory (to be confirmed).
  • Montaña pelada (geological spot on a nice beach to be explore by the group).
  • Medano village (fisher touristic village with views to volcano Montaña Roja).


  • Chinamada & Ruta los sentidos trekking.
  • Lunch in Punta del hidalgo (fishing village).
  • Cultural activity (traditional party in the streets of La Orotava).


  • Return to the UK 🙁

Im sooooooo excited!!!!

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