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The start of Oceanography….

Well, I have started going through the course materials for oceanography, and (despite having started reading the first book some months ago) am now starting again – my brain appears to be a sieve!  Should be quicker this time though, lol!

AND it is more Geology that the other coursebooks!

Tomorrow I will add some more relevant links for the subject in the Links section of my website.

The first book is called “The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution” and is published by the OU – numerous authors including good old Dave Rothery!  Im reading a few other related books on the side, so it should be an interesting year – I do not think I have studied so much non- geology material since my first year S103 – we will see how it all goes!

I am determined to cram it all into my head somehow!

Have a good week, folks!


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